Friday, January 18, 2008


By Sijisfredo Avilés

The 2008 elections are here and the most conservative elements (the right wing) of the Republican Party are geared to place all the shortcomings of the country on immigrants, particularly those of Mexico and the rest of Latin America to win this election. The presidential candidates, as well as the chorus of right wing television, talk radio and newspapers personalities, are bombarding the public with all kind of lies and accusations against immigrants, in particular the undocumented workers

Why do they blame the immigrants?

The major reason is that the Republican Bush government has failed the American people.

Using the tragedy of 911, this government has started a global war against people and countries that question the policies and directions that has left this country devastated socially and economically and isolated from the world. At the same time, the administration attacks the democratic and constitutional rights of its own citizens, intercepting their mail, e-mails and phone calls using the excuse of national security, defense of the fatherland and the so called war against terrorism.

Despite being the richest country in the history of the world, yet its medical health care system is in shambles and is failing to provide care and medicines to its most vulnerable citizens, the poor, the seniors and children.

This Country has failed miserably when it comes to building housing for low and moderate income families. The mortgage crisis is affecting even the so called middle class with the loss of their homes and very little is offered to the ones who need the most help. At the same time, the homeless rate continues to grow.

Another failure is the “No Child Left Behind” program of the Bush administration. Many of the schools in urban areas are overcrowded, under financed and under staffed. The policy of the government is to blame the children and their families for the shortcomings. Instead of correcting the situation many schools are closed and the students are sent to other schools with similar conditions, then the closed schools are rehabilitated, or newly constructed, to serve other children leaving the former students in worst conditions and facing the fear of continually being moved from school to school. Rural and other communities are finding more difficulty to provide adequate resources because educational financing is tilted in favor of wealthier communities.

But what is the truth?

It is easy for Bush and his cohorts to blame the immigrants for the social and economic condition of the country for their errors.

The truth is that Immigrants are "not getting a free ride". They work hard to create profits for corporations. They pay income taxes on their earnings, sales taxes on purchases, and property taxes as homeowners. Like other workers, immigrants pay the same federal, state and local taxes which finance schools, health clinics and other services. Undocumented immigrants pay billion of dollars into social security but they cannot collect any benefits.

The undocumented were not involved in the 911 destruction of the towers as Homeland Security is insinuating and promoting with its raids on the undocumented immigrant communities. The fact is that every one of the terrorists came into the country on legal visas issued by the United States.

What must we do to stop the attack against US citizens and immigrants?

In this 2008 election, we have to sweep from office all of these conservative, right wing rascals and liars from all levels of governments. We need to petition, demonstrate, vote and continue to struggle for justice, equality, peace and a true government of the people, by the people and for the people. We need to focus on defeating our enemies. We need to stop arguing among ourselves because we differ on ways to defeat them. Let us respect each other and look at ourselves as comrades. Let us organize to defeat them.

The people united will never be defeated!

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