Monday, May 5, 2008


A Poem dedicated to George W. Bush and Cronies of whatever political party

by Martha Pedroza

Words and words
And nothing but words:

Words on paper
Words in the air
Words on screens swirled around
Diarrhea of campaign words.

Mountains of meaningless words
Empires covered by words

The iron fist hidden by words
Tanks and weapons and death covered by words

We eat salads of words
And stews and soups of words
And leave satisfied
with the meal of words we've just had

Meetings of words bandied about
Meaningless, worthless words

Words to placate
and put you to sleep with
Words to tie us up with and mollify us
to cover theft
to cover torture
to cover greed

Blankets and blankets of words
eat the word democracy with bullets

Pass the dressing of words
to cover the salad of words
to calm our hunger for justice

Justice? That's another word
rhymes with poultice and mortise

We are glutted obscenely with words
I don't want any more words!!
Oh, shut up, sit down and finish all your words.

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